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You are important to us — and we take our responsibility to you seriously. That’s why our Member benefits include personal attention and a full commitment to helping you and your family for a lifetime.


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Your AAFMAA Membership begins when you purchase one of these products:

Why Should I Choose AAFMAA Life Insurance?

When you purchase an AAFMAA Life Insurance policy, you gain access to all the benefits of AAFMAA Membership — including a wide range of services that can help you through every stage of life. Our Member Benefits team provides expert advice and resources to help you navigate military benefits and entitlements, including VA claims. And our Survivor Assistance Services team will assist your family in applying for the benefits and entitlements you have earned when the time comes. We’re here for you, every day for a lifetime.

Survivor Assistance Services

  • Expeditious payments
  • Claims initiation
  • Advocacy
  • Surviving spouse continued support
  • **Included with AAFMAA Life Insurance Membership

Member Benefits

  • Personal Member Center Portal
  • Digital Vault Document Storage
  • Personal AAFMAA Subscriber Account
  • Live Video Broadcast for the Military Community
  • Access to AAFMAA's Value-Added Partnerships

Who is Eligible?

Individuals in the following groups are eligible to access AAFMAA products, services, and benefits:

  • All ranks of Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard, including:
    • Active Duty (or within 120 days after separation)
    • Guard or Reserve (full or part-time)
    • USMA, USNA, USMMA, USCGA, and USAFA cadets or midshipmen
    • ROTC contract/scholarship cadets
  • Military Retirees
  • Veterans, residing in specific states*
  • Current and retired members of the uniformed services
  • Spouses, children, and grandchildren of AAFMAA Members

Our longstanding Grandfathered Members enjoy the advantages of consulting with our subject matter experts on understanding and maximizing government and military benefits. Grandfathered Members securely maintain their financial and military benefit information on the AAFMAA Member Center, and store their important documents in AAFMAA’s digital and physical vaults. In addition to providing security and peace of mind, securely storing information and documents with AAFMAA helps us easily and accurately assist our Grandfathered Members and their survivors in maximizing their benefits and entitlements.

AAFMAA Members who joined prior to 1 July 2000 and have maintained a policy issued before 1 July 2000, receive AAFMAA's special Living Services.

* In the following states/territories, AAFMAA is only able to issue policies to current servicemembers, military retirees, and their spouses: DC, MS, UT, and WI. Subject to other terms and conditions.

Member Referral

We appreciate your help in spreading the word about AAFMAA's affordable life insurance, investment management, mortgages and survivor assistance services. As a member of the American Armed Forces, you know what it means to protect the country you love. Here's your chance to do the same for the people you cherish.

Common Questions

We put Members first. We treat you like family. We provide the best value and will be there for you always. Every AAFMAA Life Insurance policy automatically includes our exclusive Survivor Assistance Services at no additional cost. The trust you place in us will return to you in our dedication to serving you personally and responsibly throughout your lifetime.

Yes! We understand the dynamics of military life and appreciate that often our military spouses are commonly making financial decisions for your family. If you are the spouse of an active-duty servicemember, including Guard or Reserve, a retiree, Veteran, or a Gold Star spouse you can purchase your own AAFMAA Life Insurance policy.

Just call us at 866-330-0583 to speak with an AAFMAA Membership Coordinator. Military spouses and family members who are not or have not served are eligible for all the benefits, products and services that AAFMAA has to offer with the exception of voting in annual elections.

We’re glad to know you’d like to share the benefits of AAFMAA Membership with those you know. If you have friends or family who are active duty servicemembers, including guard or reserve, a retiree or Veteran, or the spouse of one of those, you can refer them to us anytime right here.