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Retirees & Veterans

Standing the Test of Time

If your are getting ready to retire and need to figure out what to do about your life insurance needs, AAFMAA is the answer. Before you automatically choose VGLI, check out AAFMAA first. If you are medically qualified, our term products will save you thousands of dollars over time. If you’ve already got VGLI, call us for a free, no-obligation quote.

For retirees and veterans, selecting your military life insurance option should be easy. Call a Membership Coordinator at AAFMAA. They’ll have the right solution to meet your needs.

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Level Term II

Extreme flexibility. You pick the coverage. The affordable option for short and long term military life insurance.


Simplified application. No medical exams. Protection up to $100,000.

Wealth Builder Life Insurance

For members of any age, any medical status, with the option to annuitize.