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On the passing of GEN Jack Merritt


We sadly report that AAFMAA’s former Vice Chairman of the Board, GEN Jack N. Merritt (USA, Ret) passed away in his home Wednesday afternoon, January 3, 2018. GEN Merritt was an inspirational leader whose influence and impact will be seen and felt by many future generations of AAFMAA Members.

GEN Merritt had recently retired from his post as Vice Chairman of the AAFMAA Board and Chairman of the AAFMAA Finance Committee at our 138th Annual Meeting held in June 2017. After serving AAFMAA Members for 17 years, GEN Merritt left AAFMAA financially stronger than ever, with an incredibly solid foundation for continued growth.

AAFMAA President and Treasurer, MAJ Walter R. Lincoln, CFP® (USA, Ret) remarked upon GEN Merritt’s passing, “We have lost a decorated veteran, a visionary leader, and a great friend. The work conducted with GEN Merritt’s direct guidance has benefitted every member, every spouse, every child, and every grandchild in the AAFMAA family and will continue to do so for years to come. Now we turn to what we do best — providing the Merritt family with the absolutely outstanding, superlative survivor assistance services that every AAFMAA Member’s survivors receive.”

It was our privilege and honor to receive GEN Merritt’s guidance and support for so many years and our fond memories and respect for his leadership will never wane.