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Who We Are


Who’s on My AMS Mortgage Team?

Sometimes, people wonder about our “secret sauce”. They want to know how we work together and with them throughout their mortgage loan process. When we tell them the way we operate together, it may seem a bit obvious, but either way, it’s certainly working and we’re proud to say it’s giving us a leg up on our competition. 

About AMS

AAFMAA Mortgage Services LLC (AMS) consistently receives feedback about our outstanding customer service. We think the reason is simple: We’re not too big. Or too small. We’re just right, and staffed with people able to provide our growing base of military customers with “white glove” service. “Our people understand the military lifestyle, VA Home Loans, and the mortgage business,” says Kevin W. Holton, Vice President of Branch Sales for AMS. “It makes us very competitive when it comes to who to trust with your mortgage needs.”  

Team Approach

No matter how you discover AMS, you’ll be connected with a member of our team, such as Candi May, our lead Customer Service Representative. Candi has been with us for eight years and, before that, she led the ADR Mortgage customer service team. Candi is adept at making everyone feel welcome and appreciated. She’ll ask you a few questions before connecting you with a Military Mortgage Advisor (MMA).

MMAs are licensed loan officers, also called mortgage loan originators, many of whom have a military background. They are experienced with VA Home Loans (which comprise about 90% of our business), and licensed by state. (You’ll be assigned to an MMA with licensing where you’ll be buying or refinancing.) Your advisor will ask you about your mortgage goals — where you plan to buy, your timeframe, your price range, how long you think you’ll stay in the home. Your answers will help us work with you on next steps. 

The Process

When you’re ready to buy, your MMA will help you complete a loan application and then pre-qualify you for a mortgage loan. This process could be a conversation over the phone or in-person, and you’ll usually get your answer on the same day. This information will be used to pre-qualify you to purchase up to a certain amount. Your pre-qualification letter may be useful as you work with real estate agents and negotiate with sellers. 

Once you find a home you’d like to purchase and you make an offer on it, your advisor will go over your loan terms with you, including the amount you’re borrowing, the interest rate, how many years you’ll have to repay, etc. If you agree to those terms, we’ll pass your file along to our Disclosure Team. They’ll review your application and send you the federal and state disclosure forms you need to sign so that we can begin processing your loan. Next, your file is assigned to a Loan Processor. AMS Loan Processors come to us with years of experience handling VA Home Loans. Additionally, they undergo training with the AMS Operations Management Team. 

Staying in Touch

Once your AMS team has been assigned to you, you’ll receive a welcome email such as this:

“... Thank you for entrusting AAFMAA Mortgage Services LLC (AMS) for your mortgage loan needs. My name is Candi May, I am the customer relations representative for AMS…”

AMS will then provide you with the contact information (phone and emails) for Your Team — your MMA, your Loan Processor and, of course, Candi. In addition, you can use our borrower portal to view the status of your loan 24/7 and exchange messages with your AMS team.

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Getting Your Feedback

As a final step, after your loan closes, we’ll ask you to complete our customer survey. “We want to know how we did and if there is anything we could have done to make the experience a better one,” explains Andrew Hicks, Senior Operations Manager. “Most of the customer comments are very positive, thanking us for keeping them in the loop during the process and how much they enjoyed working with a certain Military Mortgage Advisor or Loan Processor.”

We take customer service very seriously. We want to be responsive to your needs, answer your questions, and make sure you have the best experience possible. After all, that’s what AMS is all about — providing great service and competitive mortgage products to active duty military and Veterans who have served our country. 

We’re Here to Help

If you’re not certain about whether or not it’s the right time to purchase a home, or refinance your existing mortgage, please contact us online today or give us a call at (877) 387-6856. One of our Military Mortgage Advisors will be happy to provide you with an honest and fair comparison of your mortgage options, including a wide range of low-rate and low-cost mortgages designed to meet your needs.

Ensuring existing and prospective AAFMAA Members obtain the best mortgage possible is our mission. Get your free mortgage assessment today!