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Financial Planning

Access to Permanent Life Insurance Just Got Easier and More Affordable for More Veteran Families


You care about your loved ones more than anything — and you know it’s important to secure their financial future with life insurance. In fact, you and everyone in your family should have some amount of permanent life insurance coverage, and the earlier you get it the better off you’ll be. But, that doesn’t always happen and as you age, qualifying for permanent coverage can become more difficult and expensive. That is especially true for Veterans and their family members who have suffered traumatic injuries or chronic illnesses due to their service. Fortunately, access to military life insurance just got easier with new policy options from AAFMAA designed specifically for Veteran families.

Talking about what will happen after you’re gone may be uncomfortable, but making sure you have covered your final expenses can be the difference between leaving your survivors with financial security or leaving them with bills to pay out of pocket. Whether you recently separated from the military or are enjoying retirement and making your final arrangements in advance, you can help secure your family — no medical exams required — with guaranteed life insurance coverage from AAFMAA.

Your AAFMAA Membership Means More Than Just Life Insurance

With a guaranteed life insurance policy from AAFMAA, you get more than just the security of life-long insurance coverage. You also get a wealth of AAFMAA Member benefits. For example, AAFMAA’s exclusive Survivor Assistance Services ensures that, when the time comes, your loved ones will have the care and support of our expert staff who will help them secure all the benefits you earned through your service, for the rest of their lives. You also get 24/7 secure access to your own online Digital Vault in the AAFMAA Member Center where you can easily and securely store your essential documents — anytime, from anywhere.

Get peace of mind from the Association trusted by the military community since 1879 to deliver the products, services and benefits you deserve for serving your country.  Apply today to prepare the way for your loved ones’ future financial security, and to provide them with an expert who will stand beside them in their time of loss — AAFMAA. Learn more by calling us at at 877-398-2263.

Exclusions and Limitations: Important — If you die for any reason in the first two years of the policy, your beneficiaries will receive a reduced death benefit equal to 110% of premiums paid.

Subject to terms and conditions of the policy, including exclusions and limitations. There is no insurance coverage unless you apply and are accepted by AAFMAA, a policy is issued, delivered, and accepted by you, and you pay the required premiums. Coverage under these policies is guaranteed with no underwriting requirements and no medical exam for those who qualify for AAFMAA policies. Premiums will never increase. No war, aviation, or terrorist clauses. All policies include Survivor Assistance Services. 

The U.S. Government does not sanction, recommend, or encourage the sale of this product. Subsidized life insurance may be available from the Federal Government.