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Do You Own a Policy Insuring Someone Else?

If you haven't already, it's time to designate a successor owner to your AAFMAA insurance policy, if it covers your spouse or child. By naming a successor owner, AAFMAA is able to automatically transfer ownership of a policy over to that person upon your death. 

But if you do not take this simple step now, your policy will become part of the property of your estate, which can lead to time-consuming and costly administrative steps for your spouse or other loved ones. Anyone seeking ownership at that time must then work with the estate—sometimes going to court—to secure the policy.    

AAFMAA has seen many families struggle with this issue, and often must assist those family members in transferring the ownership of the policy to a survivor if one was not previously named. Why wait for that to happen? Let us help you now.  

 Please name a successor owner by completing AAFMAA’s Owner Change Form or contact a policy services representative at 1-800-336-4538 for assistance.