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Reasons to Join a Nonprofit Military Support Organization


Servicemembers are the backbone of our national security, but the challenges of military life often take a toll on them and their families. This is one of the reasons why many non-profit military support organizations and member associations exist.

Whether you’re planning for your career after the military, or you’re ensuring your family will be financially protected if the worst should happen, a nonprofit military support organization can help you achieve your goals. Here are some of the key reasons to consider joining a military association.

What Is a Non-Profit Military Support Organization?

Non-profit military support organizations aim to improve the lives of active-duty military members, military families, and Veterans in various ways.

Common goals of these organizations:

  • Educational support
  • Career transition planning
  • Mental health services
  • Financial assistance
  • Housing assistance
  • Advocacy for policies that support military personnel and families

Benefits of Joining a Nonprofit Military Support Organization

Regardless of where you are in your military career or beyond, you can benefit from the support of an organization dedicated to serving you. Here are some of the benefits you can expect if you join one:

Community and Support for Military Families

When you’re part of one of these organizations, you gain a sense of camaraderie with those who share your life experience. They make an effort to improve the lives of military spouses and children in various ways, such as offering online communities for military spouses to stay informed and connected with one another. These communities offer a mix of educational content and social connectivity to help spouses feel supported.

Financial Assistance

If you want to purchase a home after leaving the military, some nonprofit military support organizations offer financial guidance and can even help you get a low-cost military mortgage. Some organizations offer grants and other financial benefits.

Access to Valuable Resources

The benefits and entitlements offered by the military can dramatically improve your quality of life. That said, the path to acquiring them can be difficult to navigate. To this end, some support organizations have staff members who can guide you through the steps of getting the benefits you earned and deserve.

Help Transitioning Back to Civilian Life

These organizations can help you assess your readiness to retire or transition into a new career. They may help you find employment that matches the salary you made or some of the skills you honed while on active duty. In some cases, support organizations can also offer assistance with resume writing, job applications, and even job placement.

Accredited VA Service Officers

The disability claims process can be confusing, but some organizations that support Veterans can represent you and help you file your claim. They will explain the award decision you receive and the services you are entitled to.

Emotional Support

Often, servicemembers and their families need counseling to deal with military life. Some organizations offer support groups for members to share their experiences and help each other find solutions. Many even provide group therapy for spouses and families of deployed servicemembers. Educational Support Support organizations offer educational support. Some offer their own educational programs, with many having a particular focus such as financial education or understanding military benefits. Others offer scholarships or tuition assistance, and many help Veterans pursue a degree after they’ve left the military.

About AAFMAA’s Military Financial Solutions

The American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA) offers military financial services to support active-duty servicemembers, reservists, National Guardsmen, as well as Veterans and their families. These services are designed to help military families at every stage of life — there’s something for a new recruit and a long-retired Veteran alike. Here are some of AAFMAA’s key benefits:

Military Life Insurance

It’s difficult to think about what may happen if you pass away, but it’s important to ensure your family will be supported financially. With AAFMAA, you can get a life insurance policy specifically designed for military families, like yours. This means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you and your family are financially secure should the worst-case scenario happen.

Military Mortgage Services

If you’re looking to buy a home, the process of qualifying for a mortgage can be a daunting one. AAFMAA Mortgage Services LLC (AMS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of AAFMAA, can help you find a conventional mortgage or VA Loan to purchase a home. If you already own a home and need to refinance, AMS can also help guide you through that process. In many cases, you can find a military mortgage with a lower rate than you might find elsewhere.

Military Wealth Management

Financial planning and wealth management are key military financial services. With AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AAFMAA, you can establish a financial plan, and make and manage investments to grow your wealth while planning a secure financial future for you and your family. Wealth management services also allow you to set financial goals and monitor your progress toward them.

Financial Education

Financial literacy is important to help you plan for the future. AAFMAA Members and subscribers have access to articles, webinars, and other resources on topics like retirement planning, budgeting, and navigating military benefits — among many others.

Survivor Assistance

It’s easy for family members to feel lost in the event of a servicemember or Veteran’s passing. Although families may be entitled to survivor benefits, some aren’t sure how to access them. AAFMAA’s Survivor Assistance Services team guides surviving family members through the claims process with the care and compassion they need and deserve in that difficult time.

Join the Longest-Standing Military Support Association

AAFMAA was established in January 1879, making it the oldest military support association. We offer current and former servicemembers and their families financial solutions through every stage of life.

To become a Member or learn more about the organization call 888-693-2553 to speak with an AAFMAA Membership Coordinator or go to aafmaa.com/getaquote to get a free, no-obligation quote today and find out just how affordable AAFMAA Life Insurance could be for you.