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AAFMAA Membership Benefits Now Include AUSA Membership


AAFMAA Is Now an Association Partner of AUSA

The AAFMAA Member experience is what we think about every day, and we are always looking for ways to expand the value we deliver to our Members. With that in mind, we’re proud to announce that all AAFMAA Members now also have access to the membership benefits of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) — regardless of their branch affiliation.

AAFMAA has joined with AUSA as an Association Partner to bring our Members even more best-in-class resources at no additional cost to them or to the Association. Since 1950, AUSA has supported the military community with professional development programs and educational resources, as well as access to industry supporters across the country. Now our Members have access to exclusive AUSA membership benefits, including:

  • Employment assistance through AUSA Jobs Central with a free resume critique.
  • Access to AUSA scholarships — more than $300,000 each year.
  • Free ACT/SAT Test Prep materials for your kids or grandkids.
  • A legal document service for both individuals and small businesses.
  • Discounts on travel, dining, entertainment, healthcare, and more services and products offered by dozens of AUSA affinity partners.
  • Exclusive pricing for professional development and networking opportunities including national and international warfare expos, as well as digital courses and events.

AUSA is helping to build the next-generation military community through programming that prioritizes education and connection among those who are serving and have served. 

AAFMAA is committed to continually seeking opportunities to support members of all branches of the Armed Forces and the broader military and Veteran communities through partnerships that complement and support our mission. This includes local, regional and national organizations that provide networking opportunities, access to healthcare and wellness resources, financial services, social programs and more.

AAFMAA Members can access these complimentary AUSA Membership benefits by logging into the AAFMAA Member Center and visiting the AUSA information page for detailed instructions and links to these tools and resources. On the AUSA site, Members will then be able to register and receive an AUSA member number as well as further details about the benefits. Members can also opt out of this AAFMAA Member Benefits program by logging into the Member Center and following the AUSA opt-out instructions.

We’re proud to bring this added value to AAFMAA Membership as just one of the many unique reasons why Membership Means More at AAFMAA.

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