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Membership with AAFMAA Is More Than a Transaction


Roger JonesUpdated: January 13, 2022

You’re the reason we’re here. Your AAFMAA Membership establishes you as a stakeholder in the vital services we provide to the American Armed Forces Community. You help ensure financial security for future generations as a part of our strong family, rooted in history and the desire to serve.

AAFMAA was founded in 1879 with the specific, personal mission “to aid the families of the deceased Members in a prompt, simple, and substantial manner,”  providing sound solutions for families faced with loss, uncertainty, and fear. That mission has remained at the core of AAFMAA over the past 145 years, allowing our work to extend beyond scheduled day-to-day transactions. Your family, and over 84,000 other military families trust AAFMAA policies and services to deliver financial security for your generations to come. And, as a part of that AAFMAA family, you are invested in the mission of caring for your brothers and sisters in arms.  

Douglas MacArthur once said, “Preparedness is the key to success and victory,” words that ring true both in the context of the battlefield and in planning for your personal financial security. Your AAFMAA Membership lays the foundation of preparation for your financial future, and helps fellow members of our military community do the same.

We thank you for your Membership and we look forward to serving your family for generations to come!