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4 reasons to open your 2014 AAFMAA Annual Report


In the next two weeks, you will receive your 2014 AAFMAA Annual Report and Proxy Ballot. Unlike other annual reports you may receive, it is important that you read this annual report about your Association for four reasons:

1. Impressive 2014 Results: Hear from AAFMAA leaders about the progress of the Association and our outlook for the coming year. The results are impressive as AAFMAA works to be the premier provider of insurance, financial, and survivor services to the American Armed Forces Community:

o $78.8 million returned to members in 2014—8.2% more than 2013

o Over 500 VA claims filed resulting in nearly $450,000 in retroactive benefits to members

o 4.5% net yield on assets—truly remarkable in this low interest rate environment

o 6.5% crediting rate approved for Value-Added Whole Life and Wealth Builder Life Insurance policies

2. Dig into the Details: A top accounting firm independently audits the data behind these reports to ensure that we account for everything—down to the last penny! For those of you who want to see all those details, the Annual Report includes summary information on:

o Assets, investments, liabilities, and reserves

o Growth in policies, members, insurance-in-force, and more

3. Exercise your Right to Vote: Your Annual Report comes with a proxy ballot requesting your vote for the election of three great new members of the AAFMAA Board of Directors:

o CW3 Robin H. Boudiette, Jr., (U.S. Army, Retired);

o RADM Janice M. Hamby, (U.S. Navy, Retired); and

o MG William M. Matz, Jr. (U.S. Army, Retired).

Their biographies are included on the proxy ballot and, as you will see, all three individuals led distinguished military careers and continue to contribute as leaders in our Nation. If elected, they will serve four-year terms providing governance for the Association as representatives of all members.

4. RSVP to the Annual Meeting: AAFMAA’s Annual Meeting is on Tuesday, 9 June. The results of the proxy vote will be announced at the Annual Meeting. Annual Meeting RSVP instructions are included on the proxy ballot.

Voting only takes a minute and can be done online or by mail. We want to encourage as many members as possible to vote, so as soon as you receive your ballot—either electronically or in the mail—fill it out and submit it. Of course, each member can only vote once, so if you vote online, you do not need to also mail in your ballot and vice versa. All proxy ballots submitted are independently counted and certified.

Every member should receive an email with their unique voter number and link to the online version of the Annual Report. Those people who previously requested a mailed copy will also receive their report and proxy by mail. If you do not receive the Annual Report by email or mail, we probably don’t have your correct contact information. Please login to the AAFMAA Member Center and verify your information. Alternatively, you can contact Policy Services directly at [email protected] or (800) 336-4538 to update your contact information.

We encourage you to read the Annual Report and vote to elect new members for the Board. If you have any questions about the report or the election, please contact AAFMAA’s Secretary, BG (Ret.) Michael Meese at [email protected].