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Reasons to Review the AAFMAA Annual Report


As a nonprofit organization, AAFMAA values transparency and strives to ensure our Members get a full report of the Association’s performance in the preceding year. Our Annual Report provides an in-depth look into how the Association executes its mission, and how we serve our Members.  

Each annual issue opens with a message from our Board Chair, Dennis J. Reimer (GEN, USA, Ret.), and AAFMAA President Michael J. Meese (Ph.D., FLMI, BG, USA, Ret.), emphasizing AAFMAA’s mission and providing a summarized overview of the prior year’s performance.  

As you read the report, you will find information regarding AAFMAA life insurance, AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust LLC (AWM&T), and AAFMAA Mortgage Services LLC (AMS). You will also read testimonials from some of our Members sharing why they value their AAFMAA Membership.   

The AAFMAA Annual Report presents a summary of the composition of our Membership, total insurance in force, total policies in force, and the number of lives insured at year end. It provides a glimpse into the performance of AWM&T and how their Relationship Managers help ensure a secure financial future. You will also find data showing how members of the military community have obtained mortgage solutions in fluctuating market conditions with AMS.  

As you dive further into the AAFMAA Annual Report, you will discover how we support your military life through financial education, benefits resources, and survivor benefits. You will also learn how we strive to improve the AAFMAA Member experience by offering access to a variety of partner benefits and relationships.  

Finally, you can review AAFMAA’s financial reports from the prior year, including the “Statement of Admitted Assets, Liabilities, and Reserves,” and the “Summary Statement of Income.” These statements demonstrate how we continue to deliver financial security for our Members. 

Where to Find All AAFMAA Annual Reports

You can find each year’s edition of the AAFMAA Annual Report on our website at aafmaa.com/about/annual-reports. If you have any questions, please contact Member Benefits at 888-306-1688, select option 2, then option 2 again, or email [email protected].  

This article was originally published April 14, 2015.