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Community Partners

Meet Our New Partner: VETS2INDUSTRY


Soon, the military community will be hearing about AAFMAA from a new source. We’re expanding our financial outreach efforts by partnering with VETS2INDUSTRY (V2I) —an opportunity that will help fulfill the pressing need for financial education, literacy, and resource solutions to aid in the economic well-being of servicemembers and their families.

Together, starting on February 20, 2021, we will provide trusted financial solutions and hope to the vast numbers of transitioning servicemembers, Veterans, active service members, guard and reserve, and military spouses. These resources will be available at www.aafmaa.com/v2i.

As we look forward to integrating AAFMAA with V2I monthly networking events, our aim will be to provide institutional learning opportunities that help educate and assist the V2I community. We also stand ready to assist community members with a multitude of financial resources, including life insurance, wealth management and trust solutions, mortgage services, and AAFMAA Member benefits awareness that will help them throughout every step of the military lifecycle.