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3 Resources for Veterans Transitioning to Non-Military Careers


Retirement from the military and transitioning to civilian life often means getting a job in the civilian/corporate world, if you’re not at an age where you’re ready to leave behind your workdays. For some Veterans, it can be difficult to adapt to a non-military job. However, there are several resources available to former servicemembers that will help make the transition easier.

Following are three organizations devoted to helping Veterans tap into their skills and knowledge to be able to start their civilian careers.

Leader Transition Institute

According to Annie S. Brock, President and CEO of the Leader Transition Institute, there are steps Veterans can take to reintegrate into the non-military world. "Veterans owe it to themselves to do the challenging personal work of learning who they are as a person,” she says. Adding Veterans will need to “develop a detailed vision for their future so that they have a plan with which to move forward as they move into the corporate sector."

The Leader Transition Institute’s flagship program, Changing Focus: Moving From We to Me directly addresses the challenges service members and their spouses encounter as they adapt from serving in the military to reintegrating, living and working, in a civilian community. The program deep dives into mindset and how service members have been taught to think, act, and react, and then coaches participants in developing individual purpose and vision statements, setting a foundation and path to success in the next phase of their lives.

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HireMilitary helps Veterans to find meaningful employment in the civilian world. As you transition from Active Duty, the organization connects you to Veteran-friendly companies and potential employment opportunities.

One of its programs is Skillbridge. Through Skillbridge, servicemembers gain valuable civilian work experience through industry training, apprenticeships, or internships during their last 180 days of service.

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VetJobs helps Veterans to find post-military jobs and careers. Among the services VetJobs provides are gap skills training, resume and interview assistance, help with LinkedIn profile development, and connections to military-friendly jobs.

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