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Veteran Survivor Plan from AAFMAA

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Life insurance is an important part of creating a secure financial future for you and your family. When you purchase a life insurance policy, you are protecting your loved ones from the unexpected and removing the burden of your final expenses when you die. Making this decision is a great way to gain financial confidence and peace of mind for your family.

However, qualifying for a traditional life insurance policy that you can afford becomes more difficult as you age. Undergoing medical underwriting may be undesirable and you might still be denied after doing so. How can you cover your family?

Get a permanent life insurance policy with guaranteed acceptance. One that’s affordable and gives you the coverage you need for your family. Veteran Survivor Plan from AAFMAA is the answer.

More than Just a Life Insurance Policy

Veteran Survivor Plan with guaranteed acceptance from AAFMAA gives you more than just permanent life insurance coverage to protect your loved ones. You also receive the benefits of AAFMAA Membership, including:

  • Exclusive Survivor Assistance Services;
  • A free online Digital Vault to store your vital documents efficiently and securely, at no cost to you.

And you lock in affordable premiums that are 30-40% below leading competitors and will never change.

Who is eligible:

  • US Military Retirees, Veterans and their Spouses
  • US Military Survivns Spouses (Widows and Widowers)
  • Ages 45 to 84
  • Those who may not meet underwriting requirements or want to undergo underwriting and do not have existing permanent coverage
  • Those aging out of current expiring term life policies

Download the Veteran Survivor Plan Brochure to print or share more information about this extraordinary policy opportunity with your loved ones.

Maximum Benefits, Affordable Price

It’s easy and fast to get $10,000 to $25,000 of affordable, permanent life insurance with Veteran Survivor Plan. You’re approved immediately after submission of your completed application, including documentation of your Membership eligibility.  

AAFMAA’s combination of permanent life insurance coverage and exclusive Membership benefits gives you one of the best values in guaranteed acceptance life insurance. With Veteran Survivor Plan from AAFMAA, you get more coverage per premium dollar than from almost any other provider.

Affordable Premiums, Locked in at Issuance

AAFMAA offers a variety of options to suit your family’s needs and budget. Compare and you’ll see the difference you get with AAFMAA.

Current Monthly Rates:

Issue Age 45-49 50-54 55-59 60-64 65-69 70-74 75-79 80-85
$10,000 33.08 37.32 48.08 58.88 69.84 94.38 123.96 169.32
$15,000 49.12 55.48 71.62 87.82 104.26 141.07 185.44 253.48
$20,000 65.16 73.64 95.16 116.76 138.68 187.76 246.92 337.64
$25,000 81.20 91.80 118.70 145.70 173.10 234.45 308.40 421.80
Issue Age 45-49 50-54 55-59 60-64 65-69 70-74 75-79 80-85
$10,000 25.64 30.60 35.64 42.54 54.34 70.90 98.58 141.38
$15,000 37.96 45.40 52.96 63.31 81.01 105.85 147.37 211.57
$20,000 50.28 30.20 70.28 84.08 107.68 140.80 196.16 281.76
$25,000 62.60 75.00 87.60 104.85 134.35 175.75 244.95 351.95

Exclusions and Limitations: Important — If  you die for any reason in the first two years of the policy, your beneficiaries will receive a reduced death benefit equal to 110% of premiums paid.


You are conditionally approved immediately upon submitting your completed application with initial premium. Following ID and AAFMAA eligibility verification, we will issue your policy, usually within one business day.

  • Are you a Veteran, Veteran spouse, or surviving Veteran spouse (widow/widower) between the ages of 45 and 84?
  • Are you in search of an affordable permanent life insurance solution guaranteed to protect your survivors when you die?
  • Are you finding it difficult to qualify for other types of life insurance coverage or undesirable to undergo medical underwriting?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, Veteran Survivor Plan could be right for you. Find out today by calling our expert team of membership coordinators to discuss your needs and specific situation further at 866-533-0521.

Yes. As long as you qualify for AAFMAA Membership — meaning you or your spouse served in the US military and you live in a state where AAFMAA does business* — you’re guaranteed coverage with no medical exam or health questions asked. Additionally, you get lifetime access to the benefits of AAFMAA Membership, including Survivor Assistance Services, and an online Digital Vault at no cost to you, all at premiums that are 30-40% below leading competitors.

*In the following states/territories, AAFMAA is only able to issue policies to current service members, military retirees, and their spouses: DC, MS, NJ, NY, UT, WA, and WI.

This policy is not sponsored, recommended, offered, or guaranteed by, or associated with, the U.S. (or any) government, the U.S. Department of Veterans of Affairs, or other governmental agency or department.