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What is Involved in the Planning Process?

Couple looking at papers AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust will put together a sound and comprehensive financial plan that includes:

  • Net worth – What assets and liabilities do you have today and how might they grow and change over time?
  • Cash flow – What are your income and expenses? How will they change?
  • Insurance analysis – Will your family be financially secure if you die prematurely? Should you consider disability insurance or long-term care coverage?
  • Education funding – Will your children be able to go to college? How should you save each month? Where should you save this money?
  • Retirement planning – What elections should you make for retirement pay? Will you have a second career? What will your expenses in retirement be? How can you fund them? What investments and asset allocation will help you get there?
  • Estate planning – what’s the most tax efficient way to transfer assets to your family after your death? What planning choices should you be considering? How can you maintain planning flexibility when tax laws are constantly changing?

The real value in financial planning lies in the implementation and monitoring of the decisions you make – otherwise, the plan will be nothing other than a large notebook gathering dust on your shelf. AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust will continue to work with you to be sure you put ideas into action.