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Why Choose AAFMAA Mortgage Services?


The first step to purchasing a new home or refinancing your home is deciding the company to represent you. There are three core ways to evaluate your future mortgage partner. Before settling on any company you must evaluate the following: trust, the ability to deliver what is promised, and last but not least: cost.

While other lenders will try to sell you on other factors (example: “We’ve got your account here already”), be mindful of what is most important. Paying attention to other promises or logic will wind up costing you a lot more money. Now is the time to explore AAFMAA Mortgage Services’ value proposition.

Trust. This is integral to any transaction. Since 1879, AAFMAA has empowered military families with affordable, high-quality financial solutions. At our core, we are a membership organization. That means we want to make available as many mortgage products as we can to meet your needs (and help you select the very best) – not just VA loans, not just adjustable rate or fixed rate loans. There are lenders out there, however, that do just limit their customers to those offerings. AAFMAA Mortgage Services offers the full spectrum of products, not just the ones that will benefit us: VA, FHA, 30 Year Fixed – and adjustable rate conforming (Fannie/Freddie), Jumbo, second homes, USDA (rural), and a host of other products.*

Dedication. This is the ability to deliver on what is promised, or how well we “do our job.” While some lenders take 180 days to close a loan, AAFMAA Mortgage Services will deliver on what is promised promptly and effectively. We hire professional, state licensed loan officers that will examine your personal situation and provide expert advice on what is typically your largest liability: your home. We expect that two-thirds of our clients or members will be able to close within 30 days and that 95 percent of our clients or members will be able to close within 45 days in most market conditions.

Of course there are anomalies. Some customers take longer to produce documentation, so it really is a partnership here. Our goal is always to meet your deadlines, and we are ready to fully communicate what it will take to complete the “clear-to-close” process.

Cost. The final, and often-times most important, item is price. The overall rate and direct closing cost scenario that AAFMAA Mortgage Services offers will be extremely competitive in the marketplace. We are a lender, as defined by the North Carolina Commissioner of Banks. While we cannot quote rates in public advertisements, as it is our policy not to overpromise, we can say that you owe it to yourself to request a cost-free quote. Instead of posting rates you can’t get, your customized rate quote will be accurate, honest and fair.

Call AAFMAA Mortgage Services today to request a quote. We’ll be happy to serve you.

*Note: We do not offer mobile home loans, HELOCS (lines of credit), chattel loans (not secured by real estate), and a few other obscure products.

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