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Military Relocation Resources

Airman with moving sign Military.com estimates that during a Permanent Change of Station (a PCS), service members each spend an average of $1,725 in non-reimbursable costs. Consider that the average time between PCS moves is two-to-four years, and you can see how things add up.

AAFMAA wants to help you keep those non-reimbursable PCS costs to a minimum and there are things you can do. Here are some tips to make your PCS as stress-free as possible:

  • First off, understand what the military and Uncle Sam will cover. Consult with their military branch or base transportation and finance resources to determine just exactly what are reimbursable expenses.
  • Most PCS moves are handled by the Transportation Management Office (TMO). They will plan your move using a relocation company, alleviating most of your worry and stress.
  • There is another option known as a Do It Yourself Move—a DITY. During DITY moves you are responsible for but it is also an opportunity to make some extra money. In a DITY move, the government will reimburse you 95% of what it would cost them to move you, up to your maximum authorized weight allowance, determined by pay grade and number of dependents. They will also supply $25,000 of insurance coverage. In some cases, they will even provide some of this money up front. If you plan well and keep your costs down, you keep the difference.