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Congress Has Approved an SGLI/VGLI Increase


As of October 17, 2022, President Biden has signed the “Supporting Families of the Fallen Act,” which increases the maximum amount of life insurance coverage available to those in the military from $400,000 to $500,000. This is the first life insurance increase since 2005, when the HEROES Act increased the coverage from $250,000 to $400,000.

The premiums for both SGLI and VGLI are paid by the servicemember or Veteran, and the premiums paid will increase with respect to the amount of coverage increases.

This additional $100,000 of coverage is certainly appropriate considering the increased costs surviving family members face if their military member dies. Those cost considerations are why AAFMAA offers coverage of up to $800,000 of term insurance and $1,000,000 of whole life insurance for all military members and their families. For a servicemember or Veteran with a spouse and children, even $500,000 of coverage is often not enough to cover all the surviving family members’ needs.

Importantly, AAFMAA insurance is actually less expensive to buy than SGLI — and it’s up to 75 percent less expensive than VGLI. That makes AAFMAA life insurance so attractive to many of our Members who have chosen our life insurance options either as a replacement for, or as a supplement to, what government programs provide. Many servicemembers also take AAFMAA’s Level Term I policy, which costs less than SGLI and continues even after they have left the military, unlike SGLI, which ends when military service ends.

Members also enjoy knowing that every AAFMAA life insurance policy includes our exclusive Survivor Assistance Services, which helps ensure that their survivors will receive all the benefits that they have earned from the military, Veterans Affairs, Social Security, and other insurance payments.

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