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5 Tips to Help Military Spouses Get Hired


By Dallas Atkinson 
Manager of Operations, ACP 

As a military spouse with frequent relocations and unpredictable schedules, you face unique challenges when it comes to building and maintaining a career. However, with the right strategies, you can overcome these obstacles and find meaningful employment. For instance, military spouses can access services from American Corporate Partners (ACP), which helps both Veterans and spouses find their next careers.  

5 Tips to Boost Your Job Search as a Military Spouse: 


1. Explore Opportunities with American Corporate Partners (ACP). 

American Corporate Partners is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting Veterans and MilSpouses in their career development. You can take advantage of ACP’s a platform for mentorship, networking, and skill-building, and join ACP’s LinkedIn Group, ACP Connects, and the Facebook Group, ACP Veteran Compass. You’ll find job opportunities, career advice, and develop meaningful connections. 

2. Tap into ACP’s Year-Long Mentorship Programs. 

Looking for a mentor? ACP's mentorship program pairs you with experienced professionals in your target industry. This connection can offer valuable insights, guidance, and networking opportunities that can significantly enhance your job search. Year-long mentorship programs offer an extended period of guidance and support, allowing you to build meaningful relationships with a mentor. And you can receive continuous assistance in navigating career challenges, acquiring career advice, and developing your professional skills.  

3. Build a Portable Career. 

Being a military spouse means adapting to new locations due to frequent relocations. If you want to maintain your professional momentum, it’s essential for you to build a portable career. Consider pursuing a career that will allow you to work remotely or that has a high demand in multiple locations. Industries such as digital marketing, content creation, and project management often offer opportunities for remote employment, enabling you to continue your career no matter where you are.  

4. Highlight Transferable Skills. 

You’ve got a diverse set of skills based on the challenges and experiences you have faced. These skills, such as adaptability, leadership, and resilience, are highly transferable and valued in the corporate world. When applying for jobs, be sure to highlight these skills on your resume and during interviews. Emphasize how your military life experiences have equipped you with special qualities that make you an asset to any team. And don’t forget to include your volunteer work!  

5. Use Military Spouse-Focused Resources. 

Several organizations offer resources that are specifically dedicated to supporting military spouses in their career pursuits. Check out programs such as the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP), which can connect you with employment opportunities and employers committed to hiring military spouses for their organizations. A key MSPEP partner is RecruitMilitary, which offers career exploration tools, job search assistance, and information on hiring programs tailored to military spouses. 

Navigating the challenges of job searching as a military spouse can be daunting, but it is possible to build a fulfilling and portable career. By following the five tips above, you’ll increase your chances of finding meaningful employment and establishing a successful and fulfilling career path. 

About American Corporate Partners: 

American Corporate Partners (ACP) is a national nonprofit organization focused on helping returning Veterans and active-duty spouses find their next careers through one-on-one mentoring, networking and online career advice. Learn more about ACP.  

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