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Running in the Army Ten-Miler for Community and Service


On October 8, 2023, ten members of our AAFMAA team joined thousands of others — military, civilians, wheelchair athletes and wounded warrior athletes — running in the 39th Annual Army Ten-Miler (ATM).

Participants in the ATM exemplify the ideals of the military community — showing strength, determination, and a commitment to service. AAFMAA shares these values and has been a major sponsor of the race since 2014.

General Dennis Reimer, AAFMAA Board Chair, has also participated in the legendary run across Washington, DC for the past 20 years. For Reimer, the Army Ten-Miler is mainly about community. “I’m a soldier, and I wanted to be out there with other soldiers,” said General Reimer, explaining why he first started running in the ATM. He is proud that in 1999, the year he retired from the Army after 37 years of service, he ran the Ten-Miler in 70 minutes (a seven-minute mile), his personal best time.

General Reimer has been an avid runner since his days at Fort Carson, and he still runs most days, logging about three miles each time. “Running is good for you, both mentally and physically,” says Reimer. It also helps him deal with stress, build community, and lets him think. “I have my best thoughts when running,” states Reimer. In fact, back when Reimer was stationed at the Pentagon, he would run every day, make note of his thoughts, and then publish a popular newsletter called Random Thoughts While Running to share those insights with his colleagues. 

To Reimer, running provides the best return on investment in terms of health and well-being.  Another important component of this balanced outlook on life is his belief in AAFMAA, and in the benefits of having life insurance. Upon graduating from West Point in 1962, Reimer immediately signed up for a life insurance policy with AAFMAA. Now that he serves as the Chair of AAFMAA’s Board, Reimer says, “AAFMAA is a great organization and it has taken care of me, so I am helping to take care of it.”  

Congratulations to our AAFMAA team, General Reimer, and all the runners who made this year’s race so successful! We are honored to support you and our military community and look forward to doing it all again next year.