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The Washington Tattoo: Helping Veterans Heal


People from all walks of life can experience post-traumatic stress, commonly known as PTSD, after facing various life challenges, situations, or events. In the military, many servicemembers experience PTSD in relation to their time in service. It can be debilitating going through life with memories of sights or sounds and other scenarios that trigger a response. The Washington Tattoo is one organization that is reaching out to Veterans to help them through such symptoms through music.

In a recent live discussion, AAFMAA Director of Partnership and Member Engagement, Sarah Bumgardner, spoke with Mark Reilly, CEO and President of the Washington Tattoo, about how the organization's Rudiment to Recovery Program is helping Veterans heal. Reilly was the Commander for the United States Army “Old Guard” Fife and Drum Corps and previously served as Corps Sergeant Major. They discussed how music can help servicemembers with Post Traumatic Stress by teaching drumming to help them heal.