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Making a Connection with MSOFC


The Special Forces are unique within the military community and, because of that, the Military Special Operations Family Collaborative (MSOFC) saw a need to assist these ops warriors and families in acquiring collaborative health and well-being. It's a mission that blends well with AAFMAA's mission of supporting the financial well-being of military servicemembers and their families so they can live their best lives through every stage of life.

Sarah Bumgardner, AAFMAA Director of Partnerships and Member Engagement, spoke with KaLea Lehman, Founder and Executive Director of MSOFC, about the unique challenges those in the special forces community have when transitioning from service and how MSOFC is providing them support. They discussed how the unique aspects of the SOF community impact long-term health, family, finances, and a servicemember's legacy. Watch the recap of their conversation here:




More About MSOFC's Founder

KaLea Lehman is a SOF spouse. She founded MSOFC as a nonprofit public health initiative that provides research-based, health and wellness education and training for the special operations community. The collaborative’s goal is to improve organizational learning with unique data and tools, promote relevant and effective force and family programs and resources, and develop research initiatives to tackle complex problems facing the special operation community.