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Prepare Your Loved Ones for What Comes Next with Military Survivor Planning


AAFMAA has provided our hallmark Survivor Assistance Services to military families since 1879.

You’ve spent your military career earning several important VA benefits that can help ensure a secure financial future for your survivors after you pass. However, taking all of the appropriate actions to claim those benefits can be overwhelming for them. So, what can you do now to make it easier? Advanced Military Survivor Planning will help your family determine all of the necessary next steps in a timely manner.

A good first step is to communicate what your loved ones should expect to happen upon your death. For instance, family income will change. Your family should be prepared to collect the income from your government benefits and life insurance policies after you pass. AAFMAA’s Survivor Assistance Services can help them complete and submit applications for survivor benefits when the time comes. We’ll help them apply for benefits from:

  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)
  • Office of Veterans Affairs (VA) for veterans who had service-connected disabilities
  • Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
  • AAFMAA life insurance
  • Other insurance companies that hold policies for the deceased

There are also several essential documents your loved ones will need in order to apply for and collect these benefits. Take the time now to gather these documents, check that they are up to date, and ensure that AAFMAA has them on file. As an AAFMAA Member, you have access to your own secure, Digital Vault in the Member Center. You can upload, view and print your documents anytime. Be sure to let your family know how to access your Digital Vault, so they can quickly retrieve your essential documents when the time comes.

In addition, if you do not already have whole life insurance coverage, you can now provide your family with that essential level of protection without any medical underwriting. AAFMAA’s newest life insurance policy, Final Expense+, covers your final expenses and your acceptance is guaranteed! Not to mention you’ll ensure that your family always has access to our hallmark Survivor Assistance Services mentioned above.

Learn more about this easy whole life coverage at aafmaa.com/survivor or contact an AAFMAA Membership Coordinator at 866-451-8163 to apply right over the phone. Apply today, get approved today!

Peace of mind comes with knowing that your survivors will be taken care of following your death, and Military Survivor Planning can help ensure their security. Begin planning today with help from our Military Survivor Planning Guide and by watching this video:


Although death is not an easy thing to think about, that's exactly why you should take time now to help your loved ones prepare now for the day you won't be here. Download our Military Survivor Checklist to ensure they are prepared for steps they will need to take to claim the benefits you've earned through your military service. If you are an AAFMAA Member, your survivors will receive full, personal assistance from our Survivor Assistance Services (SAS) team when the time comes. Visit the SAS section of the AAFMAA Member Center to download the Member version of our Military Survivor Checklist, which will inform you and your loved ones of all of the steps we will take on your behalf.

This article was originally published March 5, 2020.