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On January 1, 2019 Federal Employees Dental and Vision Program (FEDVIP) is replacing TRICARE Retiree Dental Plan (TRDP)


If you or your family are insured with TRDP and you want to keep your dental coverage, you will need to take action before December 10th of this year or you will lose coverage! If you are currently enrolled in a TRDP plan, you will not be automatically enrolled in FEDVIP plan for 2019. You must enroll during their open season which runs from November 12 through December 10 2018.

If the name sounds familiar, it is the same program offered to civil service members and retirees. This new plan, for military retirees, offers coverage options from 10 insurers with two different levels of coverage, “standard” and “high.” Monthly premiums range from $60 to $175 and are based on your location.

New to most retirees and active duty family members who are enrolled in a TRICARE health plan is the Vision Insurance Plan offered by FEDVIP. While the current TRICARE vision coverage is still available for active duty, eligible beneficiaries will be able to select a plan that will offer a covered eye exam, glasses or contacts or both at a reduced price. There are 4 insurers available in the FEDVIP Vision Insurance program and costs range from $19 to $43 and based on your location.

FEDVIP offers a greater choice of providers for dental and vision programs than currently available through TRICARE, allowing you to select coverage based on your specific needs. Go to TRICARE BENEFEDS to search for available plans in your area and costs.

Open enrollment is online through TRICARE BENEFEDS which is an OPM government-authorized, sponsored enrollment portal. For those without access to a computer, OPM will release a phone number closer to the November 12th open enrollment season. We encourage you to sign up for updates at TRICARE BENEFEDS Updates.

Federal Employee Dental and Vision Plan (FEDVIP) Frequently Asked Questions

What is FEDVIP?

The Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) is a voluntary, enrollee-pay-all dental and vision program that offers eligible participants a choice between 10 dental and four vision carriers, with some plans offering both high and standard options. Enrollee-pay-all means there are no government contributions toward premiums.

Who is eligible for FEDVIP?

In general, retired uniformed service members and their families who were eligible for the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP) are eligible for FEDVIP dental coverage and, if enrolled in a TRICARE health plan, FEDVIP vision coverage. In addition, family members of active duty uniformed service members who are enrolled in a TRICARE health plan are eligible for FEDVIP vision coverage. Coverage is effective January 1, 2019, if you enroll during the Federal Benefits Open Season.

If you are currently enrolled in a TRDP plan, you will not be automatically enrolled in a FEDVIP plan for 2019. You must enroll during open season.

When can I review the FEDVIP plans and rates?

The 2019 FEDVIP plans and premiums are now available.  Visit the TRICARE BENEFEDS site at https://tricare.benefeds.com and go to the plan comparison section.  You can review 2019 plan information, including plan brochures and provider networks, for each carrier in your zip code. The plan comparison tool is available for you to view plans and premiums based on where you live.

What is the cost for FEDVIP?

Costs vary based on the type of coverage you select and your location.  The dental program ranges from $60 to $175 and the vision program from $19 to $43 monthly. 


BENEFEDS is the government-authorized and U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM)-sponsored enrollment portal that you'll use to enroll in FEDVIP coverage. BENEFEDS also manages the billing systems and customer service functions necessary for the collection of FEDVIP premiums.

What do I need to do?

You don't need to take action yet. However, if you'd like dental and/or vision coverage next year to be effective January 1, 2019, you must select and enroll in a FEDVIP plan during the next Federal Benefits Open Season and you may want to compare plans now. Open season is your annual opportunity to sign up for FEDVIP, and this year it runs from November 12 through December 10, 2018 (ET).

What is Open Season?

The Federal Benefits Open Season (or open season) is your annual opportunity to enroll in, change, or cancel a FEDVIP dental and/or vision plan. Each year, it runs from the Monday of the second full work week in November through the Monday of the second full work week in December. This year's open season is November 12 through December 10, 2018 (ET).

How and When Do I Enroll?

You'll enroll in a FEDVIP dental and/or vision plan through the TRICARE BENEFEDS enrollment portal at https://tricare.benefeds.com. As open season gets closer, detailed information on how to register for an online account and enroll in a FEDVIP plan will be provided on the TRICARE BENEFEDS site.  In the meantime, sign up for updates at the TRICARE BENEFEDS site.  They will notify you when new information is available and key dates approach.

How do I pay for my FEDVIP coverage?

In most cases, if you are a retired uniformed service member and you have enough available funds or allotments in your retirement pay, BENEFEDS will set up an allotment with your pay provider to pay for your FEDVIP premiums, post-tax.

In the event that you do not have enough available funds or allotments, BENEFEDS will default your payment method to a recurring electronic funds transfer (EFT), referred to as an automatic bank withdrawal (ABW).  You will be asked to provide your bank account information.

If you are an eligible family member enrolling as the primary enrollee, your payment method will default to ABW with the option of submitting a payroll authorization form completed by the service member sponsor, to have an allotment for your premiums set up from his or her pay, post-tax.

If you are an eligible survivor, your payment method will automatically default to ABW. You do not have the option to pay your FEDVIP premiums through an allotment.

Note: FEDVIP does not offer a credit card option to pay for coverage.

What is the difference between Military FEDVIP and Federal Employees FEDVIP?

Dental and vision insurance plans offered through FEDVIP are the same for both federal employees and TRICARE eligible beneficiaries. However, federal employees have their FEDVIP premiums deducted from their pre-tax pay.  TRICARE eligible beneficiaries will have premiums deducted from post-tax earnings.  If you are both a federal employ and TRICARE eligible you might realize a savings if enrolled as a federal employee.

The TRICARE BENEFEDS website is a great resource for your questions and answers.  You should also sign up for update at Register for Updates.