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TRICARE Young Adult Offers Affordable Coverage Until Age 26


Healthcare options for military dependents do not necessarily end when they turn 21. If an unmarried dependent child is enrolled in college full time and the military sponsor provides at least 50% of the financial support, they are able to keep their TRICARE coverage until age 23.

No longer enrolled in college?

For unmarried adult children who have aged out of regular TRICARE coverage, TRICARE Young Adult (TYA) provides medical and pharmacy benefits up to their 26th birthday.

TRICARE Young Adult is available for purchase to those who are:

  • A dependent of a TRICARE-eligible uniformed service sponsor
  • Unmarried
  • Between the ages of 21 but not yet 26 years old
  • Not eligible for employer-sponsored healthcare
  • Not eligible for other TRICARE coverage

The monthly cost of TRICARE Young Adult coverage depends on the option you choose:

Coverage begins when regular TRICARE coverage ends at either age 21 or 23. It’s recommended to apply within two months prior to needing coverage, as applications can take approximately one month to process. You should also make sure your TRICARE-eligible dependent has an unexpired military ID.

To enroll, visit the TRICARE Young Adult enrollment page.

This article was originally published February 20, 2020.