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The Best New Home Construction Mortgage Loan for Military Families, According to Anthony Powell, Vice President of Operations AAFMAA Mortgage Services


August 21, 2017 – The best new home construction mortgage loan for military families, according to Anthony Powell, Vice President of Operations AAFMAA Mortgage Services. While many active duty members of the Armed Forces wait to build a home, those that do not move every three years (the average time for an active duty member to be relocated) have an affordable and transparent means to secure new home financing. AAFMAA Mortgage Services(AMS) provides well-qualified military families the opportunity to qualify for what may be the country’s best construction mortgage.

Those who have served our country have a unique opportunity to qualify for the AAFMAA Mortgage Services Construction Advantage mortgage, a transparent method to borrow to build the military families’ dream home. Some of the advantages include up to 7 draws, the opportunity to control timelines, contractors and select the best builder. Rates and fees are competitive and put the military family in the drivers seat. Selecting a professional builder enables the military family to custom build the home that fits, rather than take a spec-built or tract built home that may not have the same quality and may have been built in a few short months (cutting corners).

When thinking about the right builder and/or Realtor, the military family may visit AMS’s custom built relocation website or builder website. These sites enable military families to receive top-quality advice and discounts from real estate professionals.

The AMS Construction Advantage loan is designed to enable military families to build within 18 months, is for seasoned home owners (unusual for first time home buyers to build a home) and is both rate and fee competitive in the mortgage market. The product has many features that can be found at http://www.aafmaa.com/mortgage under new products.

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