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AAFMAA Mortgage Services continues expansion


AAFMAA Mortgage Services (AMS) continues its expansion now serving AAFMAA members throughout Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Maryland, Connecticut, and soon many others. Working with AMS, members save time, money, and receive great information through a transparent system that produces a smoother path to home ownership. 

Many mortgage lenders only offer one product. Some lenders only offer VA mortgages. Others don't offer FHA mortgages. And still others only offer adjustable rate mortgages. At AMS, we offer all available mortgage products and help our members select the best product for their needs. Furthermore, AMS loan officers are state-licensed — the highest fiduciary standard available to mortgage loan originators. Is your loan officer state-licensed? Visit www.consumeraccess.org to find out.

Under new due diligence and earnest money rules, home sellers are in the driver’s seat. As such, it is vital that home buyers speak with a state-licensed loan officer prior to signing a realtor contract, purchase contract, or sales contract. Additionally, the new appraisal management system makes it even more important to understand that your appraisal is non-transferable and comes with additional risks that were not present just five years ago. And the new TRID rules — Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Rules under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and the Truth in Lending Act — make it important to understand that your home state does not regulate most mortgage lenders in that state. 

Thinking of relocating? www.aafmaa.com/relocation is your resource for education and pricing advantages on services you will need when you relocate. 

Contact AAFMAA Mortgage at 844-218-6926 or visit us at www.aafmaa.com/mortgage to discuss your individual mortgage needs. Getting a mortgage has become the most paper-work intensive process in the financial services industry. As an AAFMAA member, you have access to expert support and advice from the professional, seasoned, state-licensed loan officers at AMS to help you navigate through it and get the best outcome for you.

We look forward to serving your family and bringing you home with AAFMAA Mortgage Services.