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Report A Death

Apply for Survivor Assistance Services

In the event that you have lost a loved one, AAFMAA is here to help with comprehensive Survivor Assistance Services. Download our Military Survivor Checklist to ensure your family is prepared for steps they will need to take to claim the benefits you've earned through your military service. If you are an AAFMAA Member, your survivors will receive full, personal assistance from our Survivor Assistance Services (SAS) team when the time comes. Visit the SAS section of the AAFMAA Member Center to download the Member version of our Military Survivor Checklist, which will inform you and your loved ones of all of the steps we will take on your behalf.

AAFMAA will:

  • Notify DFAS of the member’s death and assist widow/dependent with all necessary forms to stop pay
  • File for Arrears of Retired Pay
  • File claim for Survivor Benefits Plan (SBP)
  • Forward claim forms for prompt receipt of benefits/pay
  • Follow-up to ensure all benefits are received
  • Represent widow/dependent with any claims dispute
  • Initiate the AAFMAA Life Insurance Death Claim
    • AAFMAA will send a Death Claim package to the beneficiary of the life insurance policy
    • Death Claims Settlement Options will be provided to the beneficiary
    • The beneficiary will be required to provide a certified death certificate before the death benefit is settled
    • AAFMAA will recommend you consult an AAFMAA Wealth Management professional on death benefit payment investment options as appropriate (Terms and Conditions apply)
  • Notify Veterans Administration of member’s death and assist widow(er) with all necessary claims forms, when applicable
    • File for Dependency & Indemnity Compensation
    • File for Burial Allowance
    • Forward all claims for prompt receipt of insurance payoff/benefits/allowance
    • Follow-up to ensure all benefits are received
    • Represent widow/dependent with any claims disputes
  • Notify Service Members'/Veterans' Group Life Insurance (SGLI/VGLI) and commercial Life Insurance companies of the death of the member.

In order for AAFMAA to swiftly process claims and secure survivor benefits, we suggest you visit the AAFMAA Member Center and ensure we have copies of the following documents we consider essential (if applicable to you):

  • DD form 214
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce decrees for you or your spouse
  • Death Certificate(s) for spouse/former spouse
  • VA award letter or VA rating decision (the official letter from VA which identifies the medical conditions that have been awarded service connection by the VA)
  • Trust pages if beneficiary is on life insurance policy)
  • Recent Military Retired Pay Statement

If you have digital copies of your essential documents, you may upload them to your secure Digital Vault in the AAFMAA Member Center by following these simple instructions. While you are there, please be sure to update any missing or inaccurate profile information.

Other Important Documents

  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificate(s) of spouse/former spouse and dependents
  • Legal Documents (Wills, Powers of Attorney, Estate plans)
  • Civil Service Pension
  • Notification of disabled adult children
  • Non-AAFMAA life insurance policy information