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How Army Emergency Relief Helps Servicemembers Suffering Financial Hardship


Founded in 1942, Army Emergency Relief (AER), is the official nonprofit of the U.S. Army. The organization offers financial assistance to servicemembers, Veterans, and their families in times of need by providing grants, interest-free loans, and scholarships.

To learn more about how AER assists servicemembers dealing with financial hardships, Sarah Bumgardner, AAFMAA Director of Partnership and Member Engagement, spoke with Sean Ryan, Director of Communication for Army Emergency Relief. Ryan is a retired colonel who served in the U.S. Army for 25 years. As part of his service, he worked in public affairs and international communications, providing information on combat operations and how to defeat international terrorism. His last active-duty assignment was as Director of Public Affairs for U.S. Space Command, and prior to that he was the official military spokesman in Iraq and Syria.

AER’s work goes beyond helping active-duty personnel. The organization aids Veterans in need, provides scholarships to the children and spouses of servicemembers, and offers a Career Assistance Grant. AER’s work helps servicemembers achieve better financial health through financial literacy programs and monetary assistance, which in turn provides mental health benefits.

To learn more about Army Emergency Relief and the various financial assistance programs the organization offers, visit www.armyemergencyrelief.org and watch the conversation below.




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