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Self Reflection as an Effective Tool for Growth, with Mike Meese


In this episode of On Point, AAFMAA President Mike Meese talks about his time as a student, teacher, and Department Head of Social Sciences at West Point. He explains the importance of empowering people, educating them, and then allowing them the ability to run with what they've learned. Mike also gives insight into being a part of the presidential transition team, and how AAFMAA is working to give needed support to Veterans, survivors, and caregivers.

“You get paid to work out, you get paid to study, they send you to school, you get paid to read and develop professionally. And all of those skills are not there just because the military likes to do it. It's because it makes it a better force. If you have a smart force that's reading, that's studying, that's working out and it's doing all those things, it makes you more effective and it makes the force overall more effective.”
- BG (R)Michael Meese ‘81