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Randall Hazard

Military Mortgage Advisor

Denver, Colorado

Randy Hazard is a military mortgage advisor with AAFMAA Mortgage Services, LLC. Randy has lived in Colorado almost his entire life with the exception of Hawaii for 7 years. Randy is married to Connie who is an RN with her BSN from the University of Wisconsin. Randy has 2 children a son who is a Lt. Colonel and battalion commander in the army. He is married with 3 children. Also a daughter, married to a successful guy in the retail industry. They have 2 beautiful children residing in Idaho.

Randy has over 14 years in the mortgage business and has been an originator to owning his own mortgage company. He is very versed in conventional, FHA, VA, and construction loans. Randy was also a counselor for first time home buyers educating them in the aspects of home ownership.

Solid work ethics and a desire to provide the very best service at the time of financing as well as after is Randy’s goal.
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NMLS Number: 2079786

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