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Arian Qassim

Arian Qassim

Marketing Coordinator, Life Insurance

Arian Qassim joined AAFMAA in 2023 as the Marketing Coordinator for AAFMAA Life Insurance. Her role is to make sure marketing communications are maximized and projects are coordinated efficiently for quality execution.

Arian graduated from George Mason University with a BA in Arts with a focus in New Media Art and a Business minor, which sparked her interest in marketing. Her passion is to create a positive impact by connecting people to the services they need through strategic and effective marketing and content. She has over 8 years of marketing expertise ranging from project management, graphic design, branding, event planning, and marketing initiatives. Her love of the arts has driven her to enhance corporate digital footprints throughout her professional career. Arian has six years of experience honing traditional and digital marketing tactics in the mortgage and real estate industries.

Currently based in Northern Virginia, Arian likes pursuing her passion for the arts through photography, makeup artistry, and mixed media art. She enjoys being active and spending time in nature whenever possible. 

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