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Military Spouse Life Insurance

As a MilSpouse, you’re an irreplaceable part of the military community. You’re at the center of your family, and they depend on you.

You have the opportunity to take control and get your own life insurance policy.

Don’t wait to ensure you have enough coverage for all of your loved ones.

AAFMAA’s Military Spouse Life Insurance was designed with MilSpouses just like you in mind. You are able to take action and secure your own life insurance coverage, easily and affordably, to ensure a secure financial future for your family.  

The confidence you receive with your own policy from AAFMAA is always affordable and stays with you even after you leave the military. Relax and enjoy, knowing you have enough coverage for yourself and those you love most.

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The U.S. Government does not sanction, recommend, or encourage the sale of this product. Subsidized life insurance may be available from the Federal Government. Subject to terms and conditions of the policy, including exclusions and limitations. There is no insurance coverage unless you apply and are accepted by AAFMAA, a policy is issued, delivered, and accepted by you, and you pay the required premiums. No war, aviation, terrorist clause. Coverage stays with you after you leave the military. All policies include Survivor Assistance Services.