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5 Home Security Tech Advances for 2022


If you’re transitioning out of the military or if you are still active duty, you may have worked with some pretty cutting-edge technology — some of which, like artificial intelligence (AI), is being applied in the civilian world to make our homes and properties safer.

Here are five home security trends we think will be worth watching (and using) in 2022.

1. Universal Home Automation

Apple, Amazon, and Google have moved to bring voice commands into the home security arena, which means your smart speakers will not only play music and add items to your grocery list, but can be used to turn on lights, lock doors, and set your home’s security alarm. In other words, you’ll have full control across multiple environments.

There’s also new display/input technology from Amazon worth mentioning. The Echo Show 15 is a 15.6” Alexa smart display designed to hang on the wall rather than sit on a counter or nightstand. On this digital hub you can watch the news, get calendar alerts, and check the status of smart home devices like your lights or locks.

2. Facial Recognition

Just as voice recognition and commands are becoming a prominent feature in most home security systems, so is facial recognition. The same facial recognition technology that can identify a person in your photos on Facebook or on your phone can be used to enhance your home’s security. So instead of using a fingerprint or a code to unlock your front door, your visitors will be able to enter when the system “recognizes” their facial features. So your system can alert you when your cleaning lady or pool guy — or anyone else who regularly visits your home — comes in.

3. Remote Video Monitoring

Many homeowners are already realizing the value of video surveillance for security — just log-on to “Nextdoor” or a similar neighborhood-watch-type app to see recordings of local car break-ins and porch pirates! Many of today’s surveillance systems are linked to a mobile application, but in 2022 and beyond, additional functionality will allow users to respond to potential emergencies at the touch of a button directly from the app — no need to scramble to make a phone call. Something else we may see more of in 2022 is remote video monitoring services, where someone else is watching the video feed of your home or business. This ensures potential emergencies and criminal activity can be spotted and prevented before they become a bigger problem, even if you’re away or preoccupied.

4. Drones

In 2022, experts predict personal-use drones will become more common, making it easier to monitor the perimeter of a property, spot intruders and respond to alarm triggers. What’s more, they are able to capture footage that is automatically stored and uploaded to the cloud — no need to worry about an intruder destroying surveillance equipment, and you’ll be able to access that footage no matter where you are. There are some regulations about flying drones that vary by state so you’ll want to learn what guidelines may apply to your area before investing in a drone.

5. AI

One of the drawbacks of video analytics software is its reliance on rule-based algorithms, meaning it uses a decision tree to test multiple hypotheses before making a prediction. When things happen quickly, like a dog jumping on the counter, it can trigger a false alarm because there are too many variables in the video to accommodate a relatively simple rule-based method. Neural networks, inspired by the way the human brain works, will become more common in 2022. These networks provide more accuracy and are able to “learn” by considering examples to improve detection accuracy and classification capabilities to identify key events and suspicious activities.

Tech Takes the Lead

While technology probably won’t be replacing traditional lock-and-key systems anytime soon, home security is certainly making a drastic shift to reliance on cameras, voice commands, and AI. This isn’t to say that you need to make an immediate shift to integrate everything, but you may want to consider gradually incorporating smarter systems into your home.

Smart security, becoming steadily more affordable, can be a good investment for your immediate peace of mind and resale value in the future.

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