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The Definitive Mortgage Loan Application Checklist


When applying for a mortgage with AAFMAA Mortgage Services LLC, a borrower needs to provide documentation for the mortgage loan application to be processed and underwritten for approval. This may vary based on your financial situation, credit, income, type of loan, and other factors, but typically most lenders will ask for the documents listed below.

What information do I need for a Loan Application?

  • □ Copy of DD-214 (If not on Active Duty)
  • □ 2 current forms of ID (Driver’s license/Military ID/Passport/Birth Certificate)
  • □ Complete copies of most recent two month’s bank statements (not account histories) from all checking and savings accounts you’d wish to have considered. Please provide all pages of each statement.
  • □ Paystubs covering the past 30 days (2 if paid bi-weekly, 4 if paid weekly, 1 if paid monthly)
  • □ W2s from the past 2 years
  • □ Complete copy of 1040 tax returns for past two years including Schedule E (if self-employed or have rental properties). If self-employed, will also need business tax returns.
  • □ Most recent retirement monthly statement/pension award letter (if applicable)
  • □ Divorce Decree/alimony docs/child support court order (if applicable)
  • □ Name/address/phone/relationship of nearest living relative not living with you
  • □ Homeowners insurance coverage
  • □ If refinancing, most recent mortgage statement
  • □ For home purchase, contact info for real estate agent, and complete copy of ratified contract once you receive it

If you have other properties:

  • □ Copy of mortgage statement for the rental property
  • □ Copy of insurance bill for rental property
  • □ Proof of real estate taxes for rental property

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