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Military Life

The new FIR website


For 137 years, AAFMAA has helped our Members and their families ensure they maximize their military benefits and entitlements.  AAFMAA’s redesigned Family Information Report (FIR) for Grandfathered Members and Military Benefit Analysis (MBA) for Premier Service Members consolidates your personal, military and financial information into one concise, easy to read document.  The reports outline what you and your family will receive in benefits and entitlements at different stages of your career and life.

New FIR and MBA on Member Center

This month we added the new FIR and MBA page to the Member Center.  Now easier to navigate and update, the consolidated view requires just one click in the “MY DOCUMENTS” tab.  Relevant and comprehensive information regarding your benefits and entitlements appears under “Updates Affecting Your Benefits.”  A new red “UPDATE INFORMATION” button provides quick access to make immediate changes on your profile and you can print your updated FIR or MBA for your records directly from the site.

You no longer have to wait for your birthday to get your most current report — you can download it online at anytime.  However, we will still send you an annual Happy Birthday wish and remind you to review your FIR or MBA on the secure AAFMAA Member Center.

From the Member Center you can add your essential documents to your Digital Vault.  This feature and the new page provide secure control of your personal information.  Additionally, the new FIR and MBA provide easy access with direct links to resources such as Social Security and instructions for using Treasury Direct to update savings bond values. 

Let us know what you think.  We welcome your input as we continue making improvements!

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