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Military Life

Unique estate planning considerations for members of the military


Estate planning mistakes happen all the time, and, unfortunately, you just won't be around to protect your family from the fallout of such errors. Mistakes might be more common in the military community because estate planning attorneys aren't always familiar with military benefits. 

The first difference between the financial affairs of a retired civilian versus a retired servicemember is that, with a pension, a retired member of the military community has guaranteed income. So, in this case, he or she will not need as large of a portfolio as the civilian counterpart in order to generate a risk-free income stream. A competent estate planning attorney will know this and present you with the appropriate options to maximize your plan.

To read the other differences that both you and your trust administrator should be familiar with, read the full article here: www.wealthmanagement.com/retirement-planning/unique-estate-planning-considerations-members-military.

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