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Military Benefits

Military Benefits for Special Needs Children & Disabled Adults


In order to remain eligible for military benefits, sponsors who have disabled adult children must complete a financial dependency redetermination requirement every four years. If you fail to do so, it may result in a loss of DEERS eligibility and military benefits for the disabled dependent.

How to Claim Military Benefits for Disabled & Special Needs Children

As of spring 2016, sponsors can avoid the headache of lengthy paperwork by completing a simple questionnaire online, in person or by mail. You may access the questionnaire online at milconnect.dmdc.mil with your CAC or DoD Self-Service (DS) Login. Navigate to “Dependency Redetermination” in the drop-down menu under the “Benefits.” Otherwise, you can visit your closest DoD ID card site in person, or call DEERS directly at 800-477-8227 for mail-in instructions.

If your responses to the questionnaire indicate no change in your financial dependency, then nothing additional is required. If your responses show a change, however, then you will need to submit a complete financial dependency redetermination package (Form DD 137-5).

DoD sends sponsors an email or postcard reminder up to 90 days before their redetermination deadline. However, it is a good idea to contact your local Service Project Office to be sure of when your dependent’s financial redetermination is due. For more information about the redetermination process, visit DFAS Secondary Dependency.

Get Help Claiming Military Benefits for Disabled Children

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This article was originally published October 17, 2018.