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How Much You Need to Save for Retirement


Everybody’s retirement will look different, according to their own wants and needs. While some people plan to move to a warmer climate, others will travel the world, and yet others will build their dream homes. No matter what type of retirement you envision, you will need to have sufficient funds available to sustain your lifestyle. The key to achieving your ideal retirement is to start planning and budgeting as soon as possible.

Sarah Bumgardner, AAFMAA Director of Partnerships and Member Engagement, spoke with Brittany Benassi, CFP, AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust LLC (AWM&T) Vice President of Financial Planning to discuss how to plan and budget for retirement. Based in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Benassi works with her clients to define their financial goals and create plans to achieve them. Prior to joining AAFMAA, she worked in real estate contract administration. A military spouse, Benassi earned her B.B.A from Campbell University’s unique Wealth Management and Trust program.

To learn about how to use proper planning and budgeting to make your retirement dreams come true, watch the conversation below. For individualized planning, contact AWM&T.