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Providing Support to Military Spouses Through Transition


After a spouse’s retirement from the military, families face the challenge of transitioning to civilian life. To support military spouses as they deal with this change, The Pillar Foundation provides training and services, including nutrition and fitness programs, resume writing workshops, career coaching, and financial assistance. The organization also sponsors retreats to bring people together and to provide self-care and mental health support.

To discuss how military spouses can have a smoother transition from the military world to civilian life, Sarah Bumgardner, AAFMAA Director of Partnerships and Member Engagement, spoke with Teresa Shick, Founder of The Pillar Foundation. A military spouse for 19 years, Shick was Ombudsman at the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, where she advocated for families and surviving spouses. After obtaining a certificate in nonprofit management, Shick founded The Pillar Foundation to address the needs of naval spouses after military service ended. She lives in Tyler, Texas with her husband, Jerry, and their four children.

To learn more about how former military families can better transition to civilian life and how The Pillar Foundation can help, visit thepillarfoundation.com and watch the discussion below.