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Transitioning Out of Military Life? You’ve Got a Lot of Decisions to Make.


Whether you’re retiring or separating from the military, there’s plenty for you to look forward to in the next chapter of your life. But returning to a civilian lifestyle after enjoying a military career can feel overwhelming, not just as you enter a whole new workforce, if you will be continuing to work, but because there are several important decisions you’ll have to make about how to handle your military benefits and other service-related programs in which you participate.  

To help you through this time, we’ve gathered all the topics you’ll need to consider and act on before you exit. Start by downloading our Military Transition Timeline to help make your transition easier, starting three years out.   

Your next step: Choose your path: 

7 Decisions to Make If You’re Retiring 

  1. Survivor Benefit Plan from DFAS 
  2. VA Disability Determination   
  3. Life Insurance to Replace SGLI  
  4. Social Security Retirement Benefit   
  5. TRICARE   
  6. FEDVIP to Replace Military Dental and Vision Coverage   
  7. Medicare and TRICARE for Life  

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6 Decisions to Make If You’re Separating 

  1. VA Benefits  
  2. Life Insurance to Replace SGLI   
  3. Healthcare to Replace TRICARE  
  4. Education and Employment Resources  
  5. Planning for Retirement — Social Security  
  6. Planning for Retirement — Medicare   

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As always, throughout your military transition and beyond, AAFMAA is here to assist you. If you have any questions or need our assistance with your military benefits, an AAFMAA Member Benefits representative can help. Call 888-521-4145, select option 2, then option 2 again; or email [email protected].