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How Housing Insecurity Is Affecting Military Families


Military families struggle with high housing costs relative to their income, along with poor housing quality, which translates into high rates of housing insecurity. Additionally, most active-duty families who moved in the past year spent more than 10 days in temporary housing while waiting to move into their permanent housing.

To discuss how housing insecurity is affecting the military, and what is being done to address it, Sarah Bumgardner, AAFMAA Director of Partnerships and Member Engagement, spoke with Kimberly Gold, Blue Star Families (BSF) Wells Fargo Housing Insecurity DEPLOY Fellow. Kimberly’s mother was the first Korean female Chief Warrant Officer Five in the United States Army, and she prides herself on learning how to turn obstacles into opportunities from her mother. Kimberly has worked alongside the military for 17 years and is an active-duty Army spouse. She leverages her personal experiences of homelessness in her work with Blue Star Families.

BSF is working to raise awareness of housing insecurity. The organization regularly researches housing issues in the military, sharing its findings with decision-makers, including the Department of Defense, and partnering with organizations such as Wells Fargo, to gain more support and resources for military families.

To learn more about this pressing issue, watch the conversation below.

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