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3 Ways AAFMAA Supports Retiring Servicemembers


Being in the Armed Forces means that your life is less predictable and significant life changes and transitions are frequent. Whether it’s a a promotion, a PCS move, or transitioning from active duty, our Member Benefits team can be a resource for preparing coming changes in your life. Here are just three of the many topics that AAFMAA experts are ready to assist you with during all of your military transitions.

1. Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP)

The Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) is a form of protection for surviving dependent family members of a servicemember or retiree. It is paid through the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS). A military pension is payable to a military retiree as long as he or she is alive, but this payment does NOT automatically transfer to a spouse (or minor dependents) when the recipient dies. SBP is a way to replace that lost retirement income.

It can provide a military spouse with up to 55 percent of the military pension, for the rest of the spouse’s life, after the retiree dies. There are multiple options for setting up the SBP, which usually occurs at retirement. For a personalized SBP analysis in deciding whether SBP is the best option for you, contact the AAFMAA Member Benefits team.


When you retire from active duty, you have the option of continuing your TRICARE health insurance. You may choose either TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Select. You may enroll as a retiree, enroll eligible family members as retiree dependents, and pay the appropriate single or family enrollment fee. To avoid any lapse in coverage, you must enroll in an eligible plan within 90 days of your retirement date.

If you choose TRICARE Prime for coverage, you may then select a Primary Care Manager at a military hospital or clinic wherever space permits. If there is no space for retirees and retiree dependents to enroll in TRICARE Prime at a military hospital or clinic, you may need to change to a civilian TRICARE network PCM. Keep in mind that there is an annual TRICARE Prime enrollment fee, and copayments will apply. There is a monthly premium payment for TRICARE Select. Members of the Retired Reserve may also qualify to purchase TRICARE Retired Reserve for medical coverage.

For more information about TRICARE for Retirees and help in deciding which health insurance plan is right for you, contact AAFMAA Member Benefits to speak with a representative.

3. Secure Document Storage

With frequent moves and a busy life, AAFMAA can store, protect, and ensure the availability of your original and certified documents in one of our vault locations — physical or online. When needed, we will mail your documents to you upon request free of charge. You can rest assured knowing your legal documents, birth certificates, Social Security cards and any other important documents are safely stored with us.

AAFMAA’s secure Digital Vault is available through your Member Center account. You can organize and store your documents there digitally. This service provides you secure and easy access to your important documents. Keeping your Member Center account up to date will make things easier when it comes time to file for military and government benefits, as well as survivor benefits for your family.

AAFMAA Member Benefits is dedicated to making your transition out of the military and the other life events and changes you go through as smooth as possible for you and your family. Call 888-833-4833 to learn more.