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A Holiday Wish: From Our Home to Yours


By Jeff Havener, President of AAFMAA Mortgage Services (AMS) LLC

In 2020, we learned to greet each other from a distance or rub elbows. We gathered with our loved ones over computer screens rather than in-person. We wore face masks and used a lot of hand sanitizer. And, for many of us, we changed how we work to stay healthy and safe.

Like many companies, AAFMAA Mortgage Services LLC (AMS) realigned our staff and established new policies to keep everyone safe. We did this with no layoffs. In fact, AMS is actually larger than at the beginning of 2020, as we grew to meet our needs and our borrowers’ when and where it made sense.

Our growth enabled us to be ready with products and services to help our Members buy and refinance their homes as military travel restrictions eased. What’s more, we maintained our industry-leading “turn time” — the number of days it takes to close on your mortgage — to the satisfaction of our Members.

We also worked closely with a handful of Members facing difficulty in making mortgage payments during the pandemic. Thanks to VA and AMS loss mitigation policies, we are happy to report that not a single AAFMAA Member who financed their home with AMS lost their home to foreclosure in 2020.

Throughout the year, we expanded in our existing licensed states while opening several new offices in states with pending mortgage licenses most recently in Addison, Texas near Dallas. We’ll also open in the Phoenix, Arizona and Denver, Colorado metropolitan areas in the coming months and look forward to providing even better service to our Military population living in the Western U.S.

During the holidays, we take time to savor all that is home — the warmth, safety, and connections. We’re proud to play a part in helping you establish your homes and all that comes with them.

From our home to yours, we look forward to working for you in a prosperous and bright 2021.