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Have You Prepared Your Survivors?


Every AAFMAA Life Insurance policy comes with our hallmark Survivor Assistance Services. In the event of your death, your family will be in the care of an experienced AAFMAA Survivor Benefits Coordinator. We will assist your survivors in applying for and receiving the military and government benefits you have earned through your service.

AAFMAA will walk your survivors through each step of receiving your benefits, answer any questions your survivors may have, and help them know what to expect during this process. What’s more, the Survivor Benefits Coordinator will review the life insurance settlement options available with your AAFMAA policy, so your beneficiary can make an informed decision about which option best meets their needs.

AAFMAA relies on the information you provide to be complete and accurate, so we can swiftly process claims and secure benefits and entitlements for your family. Help ensure everything is in order by reviewing your personal and military information on the AAFMAA Member Center today. There are several essential documents that AAFMAA needs in order to apply for entitlements, and you can easily upload them into your Member Center Digital Vault. The Digital Vault offers secure access to your documents anytime, anywhere.

Actions to take now:

  • Ensure your AAFMAA Member Center profile is accurate and complete.
  • Upload these essential documents to your AAFMAA Digital Vault (as applicable):
    • □ DD Form 214 
    • □ VA Disability Awards (letters which identify service-connected conditions)
    • □ Latest/Final LES/Retired Pay Statement
    • □ Marriage/Divorce documents
  • Check your life insurance beneficiaries, make sure they are up to date, and provide the insurer with your beneficiary contact information.
  • Inform your spouse of the monthly compensation(s) they should expect to receive upon your death:
    • □ Survivor Benefit Plan (if applicable)
    • □ Social Security
    • □ VA entitlements for a service-connected death.
    • □ Other pensions
  • Complete an AAFMAA Access Authorization form if you would like to grant access to your records to another trusted party.
  • Ensure you have a Power of Attorney to designate a person responsible in the event you cannot make decisions on your behalf.

Although death is not an easy thing to think about, that's exactly why you should take time now to help your loved ones prepare now for the day you won't be here. Download our Military Survivor Checklist to ensure they are prepared for steps they will need to take to claim the benefits you've earned through your military service. If you are an AAFMAA Member, your survivors will receive full, personal assistance from our Survivor Assistance Services (SAS) team when the time comes. Visit the SAS section of the AAFMAA Member Center to download the Member version of our Military Survivor Checklist, which will inform you and your loved ones of all of the steps we will take on your behalf.

AAFMAA welcomes the opportunity to meet with you, your family and/or personal representative to ensure all documents are current and processes are in place for a smooth transition. To help us best serve you, contact us at (888) 961-4432, option 2 or email [email protected] to make an appointment.