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Adding a Dependent to Your VA Disability Award


Veterans who have at least a 30% total VA disability rating can apply to add a dependent to their compensation award, thus increasing their compensation rate.  AAFMAA recommends that veterans with a VA disability rating of 30% or above file their dependency claim through the Veterans Administration’s eBenefits web portal.  If you try and submit your claim by mail, the process could be slower by several months.  Filing online gives Veterans a faster, and in some cases a same day response, and allows VA payments to begin more quickly. Start your online dependency claim today at http://www.ebenefits.va.gov

The best time to add dependents is when you file your claim.  However, if your disability is below 30% but is later increased by the VA, you have one year to file your dependency information with the VA.

If you get married after you are rated 30% or more, you are eligible for a higher compensation rate from the VA if you notify them that you are married.  The easiest way to do this is online at eBenefits.  You will need to fill out form 21-686c and provide your current marriage certificate, along with any divorce decrees (yours and your current spouse’s), and your DD214.  

  For more information, email an AAFMAA Member Benefits representative at MemberBenefits@aafmaa.com or call 800-522-5221, select option 2, then option 2 again.