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Start Smart in 2018: Check Out AAFMAA’s Decision Center


As each new year begins, several priorities rise in importance. Typically among these are the financial security concerns you must address to ensure the long-term well-being of your family. As your resource and partner, AAFMAA understands. We are here for you not just today, but in the future — ready and able to assist you throughout all stages of your life. 

With this in mind, we encourage you to visit the AAFMAA Decision Center on our website. There, you will find information about a range of topics, such as insurance, financial planning, tips for military life, and survivor services. You will also find relevant tools, forms, and other resources — all in one convenient, centralized location. 

In particular, we recommend that you review the Estate Planning Basics. Not only is this the newest part of the Decision Center, but perhaps the most important to visit at the outset of a new year. While Estate Planning may seem complicated and stressful, AAFMAA’s Decision Center seeks to remove the guesswork by making the process simple and straightforward with easy-to-understand information and step-by-step assistance throughout the process.

We truly believe that readiness means preparing in advance and in so doing you can ensure you’re starting the year off with confidence — knowing you have yourself and your family’s financial future protected and planned.

So, don’t put it off any longer. Kick off 2018 with the confidence necessary for Life Lived Well. Visit AAFMAA’s Decision Center today at www.aafmaa.org/decision-center.