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AAFMAA Mortgage Services already an effective option for North Carolina military homebuyers


Since its North Carolina launch in May of this year, AAFMAA Mortgage Services LLC has already closed mortgages for members of the military community. The AAFMAA Mortgage Services (AMS) team, comprised of state-licensed loan officers, has worked with current and former servicemembers to secure the best mortgage loans for their goals – all in less than three months of operation.

How have we accomplished this? Not only does AMS deliver superlative personal service, but every professional on our team has the industry experience and knowledge of the current market required to provide a full spectrum of mortgages. Our experts can tell you how much less you could be paying for your mortgage.

“When I was looking to purchase a new home in Fayetteville, it was overwhelming to me how many options and mortgage loan programs there were,” AAFMAA Member Matt H. said. “Working with AMS, the loan officers laid out all of my options with complete clarity and I knew with the utmost confidence that the mortgage I ended up closing with was the best deal for my family. It was a relief to have allies in an otherwise extremely stressful process.”

In the wake of recent events in the world economy, mortgage interest rates are historically low. For example, the average interest rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage recently dropped to the lowest rate in more than three years.

Whether purchasing a new home or refinancing the one you have, AMS can save you money.  Call 844-4-AAFMAA (844-246-7930), email [email protected] or visit aafmaa.com/mortgage to get in touch with one of our state-licensed loan officers and start exploring your options today.

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