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Leaving your portfolio in the hands of a professional


How well is your investment portfolio doing these days? Could it be doing better? How much risk are you taking? Not sure where to start? Answering these questions by yourself can be difficult. With the Chinese stock market crashing, the value of Euro currency wobbling, a possible rise in U.S. interest rates and commodities in decline, the economy is nothing if not precarious. With these factors affecting the stock market, and so many others, you may find it difficult to feel comfortable with your investment portfolio.

It’s simply impossible to monitor your portfolio closely and effectively unless it is your full-time job. During these times of stress and uncertainty, it makes sense to have your portfolio reviewed by a professional.

The good news is AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust offers current and former military members a free portfolio review! This analysis focuses on identifying existing and potential risks of your current investment holdings. These risks are then weighed against your present and anticipated future obligations and goals. Finally, these risks are “blended” with your return to calculate your “risk adjusted return,” which measures whether or not your return justifies the riskiness of your investments. Stated another way, did your portfolio get enough “bang for your buck?”

After the analysis, an AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust professional will meet with you to share the results. As we discuss the findings, you will determine whether or not you are comfortable working with our proposed investment strategy, and we will determine whether or not we can accommodate your desired risk tolerance. Together we will build a wealth management strategy that empowers your sense of financial confidence.

Getting started is easy. Simply email your contact information and your request to for a “second opinion” to [email protected]. We will contact you to and request a list of your portfolio holdings. Then the analysis begins and will generally be completed within two weeks.

Being aware of the market risks you are taking, and how they match up to the risks you are willing to take is a critical part of determining your investment strategy. You don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help – for free!

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