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VA Construction Loans: Do They Exist – Three Methods to Secure Construction Financing, by Anthony Powell, Vice President of Operations, AAFMAA Mortgage Services


June 1, 2017 – How does a military family find a VA construction mortgage? There are three methods to obtain construction financing: Builder financing (lots of hidden costs), Lender financing (few lenders offer construction mortgages), or simply pay cash (an option many veterans don’t have).

AAFMAA Mortgage Services (AMS), a wholly owned subsidiary of AAFMAA (serving veterans, military families, and active duty since 1879), provides construction financing (the Construction Advantage mortgage). Construction Advantage financing is subject to qualified borrowers and AMS offers extremely competitive rates and fees.

The biggest risk a veteran, or military family, makes is simply walking into a new home builder site and making a down payment for a new home. This down payment may be kept by the builder and the veteran may not receive funds back depending on circumstances. Military families need a fiduciary that is on the side of the veteran. Builders may take these non-refundable down payments and keep them. Make sure all risks are understood before pursuing builder financing. Often times the builder will negotiate upgrades for counter tops, appliances, etc. while the financing is often times overlooked. Military families will find this to be a costly method of building a new home.

Finding a lender to provide financing for that dream home is also hard to do. At AAFMAA Mortgage Services, the Construction Advantage mortgage product is transparent, extremely rate competitive, and provided by a trustworthy lender (AMS). AAFMAA Mortgage Services offers virtually all mortgage products to military families in an effort to find the best product that meets the veterans’ needs. While the VA Mortgage is a great option, it may be more expensive for certain military families. If the military family can pay cash to build, this option may require liquidation of assets and result in significant concentration of risk in one asset (the veteran’s home).

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Military families can get the most value out of a home sale or purchase by working with unique tools like the AMS mortgage calculator, the AMS Relocation site, and experienced state-licensed mortgage professionals. Anthony Powell further stated, “You owe it to yourself to explore rate and cost options. You are your own best advocate for getting the best mortgage product. We are here to serve your financing needs and aim to provide super low rates.”

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