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Announcing invaluable Relocation Services (for free)


27 JANUARY 2017 – We know that frequent moves are a way of life for you as a member of the military community. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, pets, or pricing concerns, there are many factors that play into your decision on where to live. If you don’t pursue housing on base, then it’s likely that you have options on where to settle. In addition to providing affordable mortgage products to current and former servicemembers, we aim to make the moving process as seamless as possible – no matter how many moves you’ve tackled. With this in mind, we launched the free-of-charge AAFMAA Mortgage Services (AMS) Relocation Site, a one stop online destination that provides relevant resources and information to ease your next move.

While certain concerns immediately come to mind with your next PCS destination, you may not think of other factors until it’s too late and you’re locked into a housing contract. For instance, the quality of public K-12 education might enter your mind in the search for your next community, but you may not remember to think about other important points that define a neighborhood. The AMS Relocation Site, allows you to search a specific location, and search results yield an array of pertinent information – public school ratings, discounts for products and services you may need, and more.

Note that our Relocation site includes lists of recommended Realtors for people looking to purchase property. We do not have Controlled Business Arrangements (CBAs. Or Marketing Service Agreements – MSAs) with third parties (example: Realtors). Our goal is to make your move as honest, convenient and affordable as possible.

Visit aafmaa.com/relo and give it a go.

Click here to read the full press release about the launch of this convenient repository of real estate and relocation information, designed specifically with the military community in mind.

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